Factory to Farm

RASE has extensive experience of direct delivery from ‘factory to farm’ (F2F) solutions in;

The RASE team are focussed on the challenges of direct deliveries to farms. RASE ‘better service’ includes direct contact with the farm to give both 24 hour and 1 hour notice of delivery. This is ‘better for your customers’ as relationships are quickly established and ‘real time’ information is shared to ensure we achieve ‘on-time distribution’.

fertilizer-logoRASE drivers hold their ADR (Packages) licence for the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.

RASE hold accreditation to the AIC – FIAS (Fertilizer Industry Assurance Scheme) for the transportation of Fertilizer.

Dressed ‘Seed’ is another commodity in which the RASE supply chain solution delivers ‘on-time distribution’ directly from F2F.

With ‘unrivalled IT solutions’ RASE provide:

  • RASE Vehicle Tracking Telematics
  • Signature capture
  • On-Line POD retrieval
  • Customer login to RASE secure portal

The F2F business model enables ‘better processes’ condensing the supply chain; the product inputs are shipped directly into the farm, contributing to a reduction of environment pollution – as shown by the On-line Carbon Footprint Calculator.